Sea walker (Explore The Unforgettable Marine Life in Bali) is an unique 32 kg full clear shield helmet made from stainless steel.
This helmet will help you to explore underwater to a depth of 7 to 8 meters, easily and safely. Children minimum age of 12 years old and adult up to 80 years (condition apply)
is allowed to do dive walker or Sea walker .
Before the activity, you have to fill in the safety information form and after that the dive instructor will brief you in detail, how to use hand signals, how to equalize your ear and also the safety procedure in case of emergency. You have to wear special wet suit & boots before doing the activity to protect you from biota disturbed like jelly fish, etc.


Is it possible to dive wear glasses or contact lenses?
Yes. With helmet diving system you will only get wet at the part of chin. The wearer of the helmet does not have water enter the helmet. You can wear your glass or contact lenses.

Will someone be with me?
Yes. You will be accompanied by a trained dive walker instructor during activity.

Is Dive walker helmet heavy?
Dive walker helmets weight only 7kg underwater.
People of all age can join this activity?
Age Limit: 10 years old to 81 years old. Guest with hypertension, heart or lung problems, pregnant, respiratory ailments, on medication etc cannot dive.

Sea Walker
1 Pax
1 Dive
USD 40